Pris: 330 kr

Relics of the Past

Hard foam finished model. Mått: 15 x 11,5 x 8,5 cm.

The esteemed plaster modelling artist Manfred Luft has lent a hand again and created these two ‘relics of the past’. The Car Graveyard, however, is sure to send a cold shiver down the spine of any classic car fan when placed correctly in the model landscape – but is also an absolute eyecatcher! The finished models are made of NOCH hard foam, painted, and can be installed as they are.

Car Graveyards are mostly abandoned places where old cars find their final resting place. The cars are so run down and broken that the owners except cannibalize and park no other option remains.So the cars are stored then to hundred on the scrap yard and wait there for the scrapping or the cars are simply put down in an old quarry or an abandoned forest. Such places are called car graveyards.
NOCH s car graveyard adds a somewhat rustic and realistic flair to the otherwise wholesome and beautiful modeling world. In addition, you can thus also recycle broken and aging cars and include them in the car graveyard.

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