.'Simplon Orient Express'.
'Simplon Orient Express'


5-delat Personvagnsset "Simplon Orient Express"

Pris: 5875 kr
5-delat Personvagnsset "Simplon Orient Express".

The models are finely constructed with many separately applied details. The interiors are done in different colors. The cars have different car numbers. One baggage car has a factory-installed mfx digital decoder, for controlling light and sound functions as well as red marker lights. Retracted diaphragms with walkover plates folded up are included for end cars in the set. Only a close coupler in a standard coupler pocket is installed at each of these ends of the end cars. The doors on the baggage cars can be opened. All of the cars have factory-installed LED interior lighting and factory-installed current-conducting close couplers that can be uncoupled. Table lamps in the dining car are lighted and together with the interior lighting and the red marker lights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The current-conducting close couplers can be replaced by current-conducting fixed drawbars included in the set. There is a pickup shoe for current pickup on one baggage car. Total length over the buffers 117.5 cm

Epok II.

Nyhet 2020!

Drift & produktion: