.Bilverkstad med bl.a en rörlig lyft.
Bilverkstad med bl.a en rörlig lyft



Pris: 495 kr
Bilverkstad med många tillbehör bl.a. en rörlig lyft.

Mått: 153 x 64 x 67 mm.

Skala: H0

This basic model from our modular system includes an extensive range of accessories for designing a small car workshop.
The gate can be installed in an open position, allowing a good view of the extensive interior furnishings such as workbenches with drawers and vices, steel cabinets and shelves, a compressor with accessories, individual tools and much more.
The additional interior walls and the floor are made from realistic-looking printed card.
One thing that is sure to catch the eye is the moveable scissor lift (by VEB Hebebühnen Lunzenau) with a maximum load capacity of 2 t.
The access ramp in the outside area, featuring a track width that can be built in different sizes, is available for underbody maintenance.
Several drums, including some with dents, along with lubricants and maintenance products, give the impression of a model workshop in good demand.

Nyhet 2020!

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